My Food Philosophy

The kitchen…has there ever been a more powerful room?  One that can, in an instant, bring back a flood of memories and emotions, tastes, sights, and sounds?  The kitchen is the heart of any home.  It’s the command center for family functions, where every party inevitably congregates.

My kitchen is an ever-changing experiment to find the right balance between healthful and enjoyable, nurturing and nutritious, traditional and experimental.  Not only where food is concerned, but also in how we nurture our family bonds and communication.  The kitchen keeps us grounded, connected, and growing.

My kitchen has a philosophy.  It is what guides us in our choices and offers a framework to help keep us on track.

Fuel your body and soul with local, humane, unprocessed foods.

Most of us face some form of physical discomfort in our lives:  fatigue, food sensitivities, digestive issues, aches and pains, etc.  You can read about my personal struggle here if you would like.   I have come to realize that a remarkable number of us, likely most of us, could feel much better if we looked to food as medicine and our lifestyle as our most powerful healing remedy.

My goal is to help you navigate the maze of the grocery store to find what works for you and your family; the foods that fit your personal philosophy while at the same time offering you the nutrients that you need to be your most vibrant self.

There is no one universal solution for everyone.  

There is no right or wrong.  

There is only you, your life, and what is the best fit.

Thank you for choosing me to accompany you on your journey.  I promise to be a great traveling companion.

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